By: Scott Jakobsze

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The book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a fiction book which is based in a utopian society. Uglies is about a girl Tally Youngblood who is a 15 year-old that lives in this futuristic town where on your 16th birthday you have a surgery become a “pretty” and before then you are one of the “uglies”. In this society they value external beauty so that is why they have the surgery.

The storyline of the book is Tally’s friend (Peris) is older than her so he already got his surgery and she is left back. Tally meets and becomes friends with a new girl named Shay. Shay doesn’t want to become pretty but they argue about if it is good or bad. She teaches Tally how to ride a hoverboard and she tells Tally about a society outside of the town where no one is pretty called the Smoke, and she tries to convince her to go but Tally doesn’t want to go. The police have been watching Tally so the head of the police (Dr. Cable) makes her go so they can track her and shut down the secret town. If Tally doesn’t go with Shay then Dr. Cable won’t let her become pretty. So she has a big dilemma on her hands.


Tally is a 15 year-old girl that has brown hair and greenish eyes. She is rebellious and brave when she goes to find her friend paris in New Pretty Town even though it is against the law and she causes a big commotion in pretty’s building.


Peris is a pretty and he doesn’t look like he used to. After he got his surgery he doesn’t have much emotion and feelings.


Shay doesn’t like following the rules and she is kind of reckless. Shay is also a 15 year-old and she teaches Tally how to have fun and break the rules.

Element of Conflict

Tally was given an option when the head of the police (Dr. Cable) told her to go with Shay to the Smoke so they could track her and arrest everyone. If Tally didn't go then she would have to stay an ugly her whole life.


The theme of this story is to be yourself and to not look up to the starving models of our generation. We always look up to models in magazines even though they get photoshopped all the time to look better and they also starve themselves because they think it looks better. In this book they feel like being pretty is an honor and in our world we always care what other people think so we try to be pretty even though we should appreciate who we are and what we look like. So the overall theme of this book is to be yourself.


"I'm not afraid of looking the way I do, Tally. Maybe not, but you are afraid of growing up!"

I think this is a very important"quote because it shows how Tally doesn't want to grow up. She doesn't want to face reality and see this is who she is and surgery can't change you completely.

"Shay! Come on. It's just for fun." "Making ourselves feel ugly is not fun."

This is a very good quote because it shows how girls are these days too. They look at magazines or on the internet and see these amazing models and their self esteem sinks and they try to strive to look like that. The truth is that those women starve themselves they are also photo shopped at some points.