Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt

Ms. Ewell Grade 7 Grafton Middle School

Before You Begin the Hunt

You and your partner (if you have one) need to have your own foldable. Take a sheet of notebook paper and fold it like a hamburger twice. This way you will have 4 quadrants. See the pictures below!

Hunt Requirement #1

1) Click on the picture to reveal the figurative language for this hunt. Search the following websites for poems that contain the literary devices you have learned about. (You should use 4 different sites.) Record the name of the poem, the website at which it was found, and the line or lines from the poem that contain the literary device. Each section on the front represents 1 example. There are 7 terms. You are representing 4 of the 7.

A quadrant should include the following...Literary Term (ex. Alliteration); Poem Title, Author, Example from Poem, Explanation.

Hunt Requirement #2

2) Use the link below to take a Quia Quiz on Figurative Language. Record your results on the back of your paper in the top left quadrant.

Art & Figurative Language (Requirements 3-5)

Example for #4 - A poem written by Ms. B. Ewell

The Old Guitarist


in a blue sea of despair

music is his life preserver.

Through the waves of joy and pain

he strokes the strings

like a swimmer

caught in the currents


for the safeness of

the shore.