SAK: School of Actual Knowledge

Children's Necessities

What we learn here>>>

At SAK Academies, we have assemblies every Friday to recap what we have learned and why. We have twenty minutes of recess and twenty minutes of lunch. The lunches are buffets everyday and there is a whole separate room for kids with allergies. Everyone is friends here. Enroll your kids today!

This our Logo>>>

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What technologies are used in this school>>>

In SAK Academies, we presently use these technologies. Computers and Laptops are used to do work on, study, play games (that are educational). Inter-white boards for interactive games and worksheets for lessons. One of the last technologies we use here is the Scantron machine for grading tests. In the future, we are hoping to get tablets that can teach the students according to what each student knows.
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The Tablets>>>

The tablets we are hoping to get are personalized to each student's personal needs and learning level.
What are the qualities of a good teacher?