Come see the blown mind Trans Pecos

Eliana Burwick

Amazing landforms

  • The Pecos river is 962 miles long and 3 Ft deep,it is a fascinating sight.
  • we also have the hill of peakbagger .
  • Desserts to hike or walk the trails.

Our resorts to stay at

This is the Horseshoes Bay.
  • activities-pool,kids club ages 4-12,golfing,hand print art,flip flop decorating.
  • Hot meals day and night.
  • website -Q&A with horseshoe bay


  • Deer
  • Feral Hogs
  • Today, we have 49 Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Elephants
  • Zebras
  • Lions
  • Snakes


  • rainfall: 8 inches a month
  • Climate:55 to 70 degrease


  • Q&A with horseshoe


The weathering beaks down pieces of the Canyons,Mountains ,and rocks.Weathering is the chemical & physical process that breaks down rock at earths surface.


the water,wind and ice breaks sediment of rocks,canyons,and mountains. Deposition is the process in which sediment is laid down new locations.


The canyons were made by erosion .Erosion is the process by which wind ,water,and gravity transports soil to one location to another.


  • Sandal decoration
  • Kids club 8-13
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Trail walks
  • fishing
  • swimming