Savannah, Abby, Josh

Picture Analysis

These images are displaying surrealism. This story is a depiction of an urban legend in America, using improbable cartoon fantasies to provide satisfaction to the audience. There is only three pages of text, which is barely text at all. The text is on a blank white page, for emphasis. Finally the text is also only describing the time of each event. The mood is very dreamlike. The setting is in the United States, on a Tuesday. There are multiple illustrations, including double-page spreads, single page images, and overlapping images. Without words, they have to show creativity in their images, using size, coloring, and false representation. The pictures change throughout the story; an example of when it turns daylight, the frogs lose their ability of flight.

The foreground of the specific image are the frogs, specifically one frog, with the dog, and even more frogs in the background. Your eyes are drawn to the frogs first, and then to the dog, which draws your eyes from left to right, like a normal book. The colors that are dominating are green and blue. The dog is shown in diagonal lines, signifying movement. They show reality and action in the picture. there is a reoccurring patter of frogs, along with dots and specks. The artist is trying to show the movement of the frogs, even though images are still. They are framed with an even border, and it is a double-paged spread.