From Cowhide to Football

By Chance 3AS


Do you ever wonder how the football that you play with your friends is made? Then you should read on!


The football's journey begins at the farm. It begins from cowhide, they peel dry skin off of the cow. They do that by tanning the cow and then the farmers peel it off.


After that they have to bring the cowhide to the factory. In the factory the machines stamp the cowhide with bumpy texture. Next it is dyed brown then they're cut into a 2d dimensional shaped football. They inside the footballs out, then they put the bladder in the football. Now they can put the laces through the holes in the football.


Now people have to buy the footballs, they bring the footballs to the stores by truck. People use footballs to play with each other. The NFL uses footballs the same way (but they get paid).

Interesting Facts

As you can see footballs make an AWESOME trip to your backyard. But there's more, did you know that there is no stripe on the NFL football but there is a stripe on the college football. Also the shape of a football makes it easier to throw. Every Super Bowl 50 ball was made by Wilson. It sounds crazy but it's true, the first football game played the football was shaped like a soccer ball.


So that is why I think footballs go through a very interesting process. I bet you want a football now!
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