Hali McGlothlin

The Princess Wanna' Be

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About Me

I am currently a fifteen year old student at Scottsburg High School. I have played soccer for eight years. I'm a defensive midfielder on the Warriorettes Varsity team and Striker SC. I met one of my best friends playing soccer and now play with two of them. I have been playing soccer with Emma for five years and eight with Macy even though I met her a few days after I was born. I met Izzy at dance when I was five but we became good friends in sixth grade. I have two sisters and a brother. Lara is twelve, Mallory is ten, and Wyatt is four. I have sixteen cousins on one side of my family and five on the other.

Extracurricular Activities and Hobbies

*soccer for the Warriorettes and Striker SC

*Chair on the Striker SC marketing committee



*play with my little brother

A Few of my Favorite Things

*The Sound of Music

*The Phantom of the Opera


*seeing plays

*The Selection Series

*IU sports

Goals for the Future

I honestly don't have a set in stone plan for my future. I know a few things though. I know that I want to get through high school with at least a 3.5 GPA or higher. I also know that I want to go to college after high school. I'm not sure where yet because I haven't decided which career I want to go into. The only thing that is set in stone though is that I want to be successful and do my best every day.