All About Islam!

The Followers are called Muslims


Islam is the second popular reglion next to Christianity in the world. Although the three most common religons in the world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all seem very different, they have a couple things in common: they both trace back to Abraham, and they are both monotheists.(the belief that there is only one God.) Now that we know a little about Islam, you probably have some questions....

What are their sacred locations?

Muslims have many sacred places, but the most commonly known is their place of worship, called a mosque. Another location that Muslims are required to travel at least once a year to is called Mecca. At Mecca, they preform various ceremonies and acts of worship towards their god, Allah.

What do Muslims believe in, and what are their central teachings?

Muslims believe in one god, in which they call Allah. They believe that Allah created the whole entire universe, from the biggest of planets, to the smallest of molecules. Muslims must follow certain rules called the Pillars Of Faith, similar to the Christian Commandments. There are five Pillars Of Faith: Belief, Prayer, Fasting, Pilgrimage,and Charity. Muslims also believe in the same God as Christians, but that Christians altered Allah's original message.

What is the Islam Holy book called?

For Muslims, their Holy book is called Qu'ran, or otherwise written as: Koran. Qu'ran displays all of the teachings, rules, and stories of Islam, which also includes the Pillars Of Faith.

What are some of the sacraments, traditions, and holidays of the Islam religion?

One Muslim holiday is Ramadan, the day when Muslims fast during the daylight hours. Ramadan lasts for one month, getting earlier by 11 days each year, so it's hard to tell if it will happen in a cold winter month, or during a hot summer month. (All adult Muslims who are able to) must also travel to Mecca at least once in a lifetime.(also seen in Beliefs and Central teachings)

Muslim worship leaders

Even though most Muslims do not believe that they need worship leader to instruct them, an Imam is at a mosque to lead prayers.


In the religion Islam you must follow the Pillars Of Faith, go to a mosque (or pray at home) five times a day, show kindness to others, and believe in Allah.