Makerspaces at Lamar Elementary

Makerspaces Benefits

Building sets are not only fun and a good way to keep children busy for many hours, they also have many educational benefits. They have become known as STEM toys that help children to develop essential skills needed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Cubelets are designed to introduce students to robotics. Critical skills developed through the use of cubelets include math, engineering and design, scientific inquiry and critical thinking, problem solving, team work, and logic.


Similar to Lego bricks but designed for smaller hands, children can build various structures by either referring to the easy-to-follow instructions included with the Duplo set, or let their imaginations run wild and mix and match pieces to create their own masterpiece.


Lego bricks develop lateral thinking in a fun environment . Lego bricks teach kids to think in three dimensions, improve literacy as kids work with instructions, develops problem-solving, organization, planning for construction, creativity, enhance communication and critical thinking, and boost kids motor development.

Little Bits

Allows students to create with easy to use electronic building blocks. Color-coded electronic Bits snap together with magnets for foolproof inventing.


Colourful, sturdy, plastic shapes used for building. Magnetic shapes like squares, triangles and pentagons are used for construction.

OSMO and the Tangram App

Tangram is an old Chinese game made of a square divided into seven basic geometric shapes that can be put together to create hundreds of other shapes. Osmo’s twist on this old game is ingenious and highly interactive. The tangram app displays a shape on the screen and the objective is for the students to recreate this shape using the real life tangram pieces that come with the Kit. The app is designed to adjust the difficulty level and the support it provides to the student, therefore the teacher can differentiate lessons and activities to meet the needs of a diverse group of students.

Straws & Connectors

Straws and Connectors offers hours of fun and endless building possibilities. Kids boost their fine motor, spatial awareness and visual skills when they build with Straws and Connectors. It’s also a great introduction to architecture and design.

Tumble Trax

Track pieces are used for building a marble run on a magnetic surface. Tumble Trax encourages fine motor skills, critical thinking, an introduction to understanding of physics.


The Zoob Building Set provides a wide range of possibilities for students challenges to come up with their own creative designs.