Active Listening

By: Conner Gasperson

Do Not Talk!!!!!!!

While you are listening to someone speak to you or to a group, you can not fully understand them if you are talking to someone else or trying to talk over them. You have two ears for a reason.

Repeat What Has Been Said

If you are not one hundred percent sure what you have heard, repeat what you believe has been said. Then if you incorrect on what has been said, the speaker can correct you so you know the correct information.

Take Notes

For information that will be successful for you in the future, take notes on it. Therefore, you can have easy access to the information that can help you pass whatever you are doing in the future.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can prevent us from reaching our full potential. These distractions can be phones, TV, and even family. Sometimes you have to make the right decision and put the stuff aside for a little while so you can finish your goals.