Why Jackie Robinson?

why did Jackie Robinson do what he did

Who was Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was the face of a new way of life born on January 31, 1919 he was just 28 years old when he decided to change the way the U.S.A. ran by being the first Black man to get signed into the major leagues.

what did he do?

Jackie was the first African american baseball player he was signed into the Dodgers on April 15, 1947 by Branch Rickey and he almost declined out of fear that this was some sort of con man trying to get him to sign away his life, but he persevered through it and lucky he did or else the world would be very different.

You can't not love that face!

what happened?

after Jackie Robinson was signed to the dodgers he experienced a lot of hate, people wrote him letters saying they would kill him if he stepped onto the field, many players threatened that they wouldn't play against Jackie Robinson and demanded that he not play, Jackie persevered through all this staying with his mission to get African american citizens to be accepted into baseball.

This is a picture of how the fans reacted to Jackie Robinson


“Beanballs would be thrown at me. I would be called the kind of names which would hurt and infuriate any man. I would be physically attacked.”~("the Nobel Experement." page 295)

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"Jackie Robinson persevered through the meeting with Branch Rickey because even though it wasn’t hard he still had suspicions that he wasn’t to be trusted and was trying to con him into something he didn’t want to do." ~ "the Nobel Experement." page 292

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