Patrick Sigman

January 13, 1999

Quote (The Golden Rule)

"Treat others the way you want to be treated."

About Me:

I am 16, and i have six brothers, two are step and one is adopted. I also am a uncle, i have three nephews that are all under six years old. My mother is a paramedic, and my step father is a chemical engineer. My real father died seven years ago, from a enlarged heart. Even though i barley new him i think he is the biggest influence on me.

Characteristics About Me:

I am very athletic i love to play every sport. Although my favorite sport is soccer, and i am the captain of Lugoff-Elgins Varsity team.
Another thing about me is i'm not a very out going person, i am more to myself and don't usually talk that much ether, but i love to read by myself.

After School Activities

Some of my hobbies are reading, swimming, running, and soccer. My main is soccer i am on the high school varsity team, and i am on South Carolina state championship U-16 Elite team.

Time Line (Patrick Sigman)

I was born on January 13, 1999
Trade tower fall/ 9/11, 2001
My parents go a divorce , 2003
I started school, 2004
My father passed away, 2008
Obama was elected president, 2008
The assassination of Osama Ben laden 2011
Boston Marathon bombing, 2014
My club soccer team won state 2014
Obama presidents is over 2016
I want to become a certified Athletic Trainer, 2020

Time Line (Mother)

Americans Buzz Aldren, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collios landed on the moon, 1969
President Nixon was involved in the water gate scandel, 1972
John Lennon was assassinated in, 1980
My mother married my father Michael Sigman, 1986
My mothers oldest son Justin was born, 1988
Nelson Mandela was freed from prison in, 1990
My mothers second oldest son Nick was born, 1991
My Mothers third oldest son Andy was born, 1995
America was attacked and the Twin Towers Fell, 2001
My mother finished school and got her Paramedic's Certification, 2004
My mom hopes to graduate from college with her nursing degree, 2020