Computer Technology skills

In real life

By: Kayla S.


In high school you get assigned to do many different assignments. Some of which are presentations. In computer tech. we learned how to make a presentation not only look professional, but also more interesting. This skill is not only useful in school, but for future careers.


Sure, almost anyone can type up a letter or presentation, but not everyone can make it look good. Computer tech. has taught us how to format and make the things we made look neat. This is a very good skill to have for now and the future. When making something on a computer such as a letter, you want it to well organized and simple. Having these skills can befit you if you want to look professional.

Computer basics

Not everyone needs to know every little detail about computers, but it sure helps to know a few things. In computer tech. we learned about basic parts, how to organize, and how to use certain programs. In a world full of multiple computers and electronics, we need to know how to work with them in order to keep up. If we don't learn these things we won't get very far in life considering how much technology we use today.
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