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5 EXTRAORDINARY reasons why you should come to Chewandswallow

NEVER skip a Meal!!

You have to visit Chewandswallow, you have to see the delicious food, you have to eat the scrumptious food supplied there. If you visit Chewandswallow, you'll never ever skip a meal even if you wanted to! Tender soft meat oozing with flavour, delicious, perfect ice- cream melting in your mouth, drinks bursting with natural fruits, you name just visit Chewandswallow and FEAST!
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Sad that your not eating what your truly want? Eating all that plain food that you don't even want to taste? In Chewandswallow you could certainly chew on our most favourite delicacy in the world. Have beautiful rainbows and smiles swirl around your stomach!!


In Chewandswallow, you'll never have to move a muscle just relax and hold out your plate. Your food will appear INSTANTLY! Eat anywhere at anytime, even at school or even during your sleep!

ENDLESS Amount of Food!!

Are you poor? Are you hungry? Are you sad that you couldn't afford what food you wanted? Well in Chewandswallow, you could practically swim in a heavenly huge amount of food. Just chew and swallow and let your stomach ill up with delicious and beautiful food. All that colorful food could magically brighten up our day! Let the food dance with joy in you stomach.
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Looking for a hoilday where you could eat crunchy, tender food and relax? Well come to Chewandswallow and eat all you want, relax all you want and smile all you want! You don't even have to wait for the food like those slow restuarants. In Chewandswallow you'll never have to wait again, just think of the food, say it out loud clearly and get ready to dance with joy! You'll have your food magically on your plate in no time!

By Melissa Siem