Ancient Egypt

By Tyler Byrd

Egyptian social hierarchy

80% of the Egyptian social hierarchy is mostly farmers. you can go up ranks but not really.


The Nile river

The Nile river flows into the Mediterranean sea. When the Nile river floods it leaves black silt which is a great planting source and the Egyptians grew there food with the black silt. The Nile river separates the red land and the black land from invaders.

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta stone was found in a small village called Rosetta in delta. It was found in 1799. It was carved in hieroglyphics, Demotic , and Greek It is in the British Museum for tourists to look at. Plus were still translating it.

Egyptian geography

Egypt was divided into two parts called the black land and the red land. The black land was were they grew food on the shores of the Nile. The red land is a barren desert, the red land contained precious metals, and the the Nile separated them from invaders, the Nile

Some quick facts