Planning the DT Lab for the the unit :: Extreme make-over

My Plan schedule

Below is my calender for what I think I'll be doing or what I should be doing over the course of this unit and it will also provide the resources required in for my plan :: Extreme make-over

Monday 6th :: Design and Plan :: 60 minutes

First Priority : Use the website Smore to finish my DESIGN section for this unit.

1.1 : Meanwhile working on the DESIGN section I should also add my designs for the DT Lab in the DESIGN section and to add more trouble I will also evaluate them.

1.2 : Once the evaluation is done I will either choose 1 out of the 3 designs (I prefer this) or create a fourth design to choose as my final design for this unit.

1.3 : Once I get my final design I should also fill in the holes and faults of my final design to reach perfection and specifications.

1.4 : The resources provided or needed to get through with the tasks above are :: Smore, Camera, Pencil or Pen, Paper, Ruler and word-processor.

Second Priority : For the part where I add salt to the wound, I will be doing homework in which I will be spending part of my precious time preparing a detailed PLAN. Resources for PLAN include :: Internet, computer, Smore and a book for taking notes about my actions for this unit.

Tuesday 7th :: Investigation ;: 90 minutes

First and only priority : Spending some time on more homework about DT workshops and the layouts of DT workshops and the interior contents for the DT workshop (furniture and tools). All of the research will help me in CREATE section.

Wednesday 8th :: Create :: 90 minutes

First and Only Priority : Finish up the design cycle and start working on the actual DT project

1.1 : Make the building and room

1.2 : Precisely measure the DT room in real life, interior and exterior

1.3 : Receive feedback from people around you about the dimensions of my design

1.4 : Add doors and walls

Resources : Smores, Sketchup, measuring equipment and feedback

Thursday 9th :: Create :: 90 minutes

Priorities : Continue with making the model of the room in sketch-up (interior)

1.1 : Finish adding doors and make sure all the doors and natural sunlight (windows) meet the requirements in the specifications

1.2 : Add the interior walls in the room dividing the specific room sections

1.3 : Add the ventilation systems

1.4 : Add colors for only the walls, floor, windows and doors

1.5 : Recheck the dimensions and colors and measurements, because once the furniture is added it would be hard to change.

Resources : Smores, Google Sketch-up

Friday 10th :: Create :: 75 minutes

Priorities : Start with interior furniture

1.1 : Make a list of items and furniture needed in a DT room

1.2 : Research in furniture designs

1.3 : Decide whether to find one that is similar and already exists and downloadable or make your own

1.4 : Draw the furniture designs on a sketch-book

Resources : Internet, Smores, Google Sketch-up, Sketch-book

Saturday 11th :: Create :: 50 minutes

Priorities : Interior furniture designs

1.1 : Make as much designs in the sketch-book as possible

1.2 : Choose the ones you like

1.3 : Have a holiday rest

Resources : Sketch-book

Sunday 12th :: Create :: 2 hours

Priorities : Interior furniture designs

1.1 : Make or download the designs in Google Sketch-up

1.2 : Put the furniture in the DT room model

1.3 : Make sure that all the furniture, equipment and tools all meet the requirement in the room specifications

1.4 Color in the furniture

Resources : Google Sketch-up, Smores, Sketch-book

Monday 13th :: Create ::60 minutes

Priorities : Start on the DT lab exterior design and dimensions

1.1 : Find the measurement for the exterior dimensions and wall thickness between interior and exterior.

1.2 : Create or edit the walls so that it meets the dimensions from the existing room

1.3 : Make sure that doors, windows and ventilation align between the interior and exterior

1.4 : Color in the exterior walls

Resources : Google Sketch-up, Smores and measurement equipment if required

Tuesday 14th :: Create :: 90 minutes

Priorities : Add detail and finishing touches

1.1 : Add the details to complete the model

1.2 : Review the dimensions and measurements

Resources : Google Sketch-up and Smores

Wednesday 15th ;: Evaluate :: 90 minutes

Priority : Evaluate my design by checking it with the design specifications and note down faults and good parts

Thursday 16th :: Evaluate ;: 90 minutes, might not use all 90 minutes

Priority : Evaluate my design by investigating ups and downs then note down what you think you could have down to improve the design.

Friday 17th :: Evaluate and submit design cycle report :: 75 minutes, might not use all 75 minutes

Priority : Finish evaluating and submit the flyers that were created in Smores.

My Plan Reflection

Below is my evaluation for my plans and my actions according to my plans for this unit.

Did everything go according to plan? I think not!

What actually happened::

Friday 10th Reflection::

Truth is everything is way behind. What I did today (Friday the 10th) is what should have been done on Wednesday the 8th, which was measuring the dimensions and creating the walls and door for the room. Another thing to note is that, the walls that were created today aren't even done yet. We would've been able to achieve a bit more, if only the measurements came in quicker and were definitely precise, because they were quite unsure at first, so they had to measure the room again. However I am satisfied with what I've done, because it is starting to look like the room in my design, except it is not as detailed yet.