A Midsummer Night's Dream

By: Breeley O., Maddie W., Nadia K., Emma H





Summary Of Scene

In our scene Helena is distraught because Demetrius does not love her, and then confused when Lysander proclaims his love for her. They both leave the stage, and Hermia awakens. She then states that she is troubled because of a dream in which Lysander says that he does not love her and makes fun of her.


"Yet Hermia still loves you. Then be content.

"Content with Hermia.... Not Hermia but Helena I love."

We chose this as our most important quote because it creates the conflict, and is the climax of the scene.

Character Analysis


Lysander is significant because with out him there is no conflict, if Lysander was not a character then there would have been no confusion as to who loves who. Lysander's conflict is that he wishes Hermia's dad approved of him but her (Hermia) dad only approves of Demetrius, he is in love with Hermia but is under the influence of a love potion so he is in love with Helena. Lysander is love stuck.


Helena is significant because she is the one Lysander was forced to love, instead of Demetrius loving her. She is also in a fight with her best friend because Lysander is all of the sudden in love with her instead of Hermia. Her conflict is that she is in love with Demetrius but he loves Hermia and she causes trouble between Hermia and her because Lysander is now in love with her (Helena). She is envious, desperate, and confused.


Hermia is significant because she ran away with Lysander to avoid having to face her problem of marrying Demetrius. Hermia's conflict is that she loves Lysander, and over hears the conversation between Lysander and Hermia, but thinks it is a dream. In this scene she is heartbroken and confused because of current events.


Demetrius is significant because he wants to marry Hermia, but Hermia has feelings for Lysander. His conflict is that he is in love with Hermia but and Helena is obsessed with him. Demetrius is jealous because Hermia loves Lysander and not him.