Following my own Footsteps

By: Mary Downing Hahn

Some of the Main Characters


Donny is Gordy's oldest brother. He just got finished fighting in the war

Learn about the main parts of the book "Following my own Footsteps".

The different setting's are Gordy's house, and Granville.

The characters are Gordy, June, Virginia (mother), Roger (dad), Grandma, Donny, Bobbie, Ernie, and Victor.

The plot of the book "Following my own Footsteps", is how Gordy's life gets turned around after his dad comes to Granville. And also when his mom, dad, and two little brothers leave to live in California without him or June.

Opinions and Recommendations

I would say that this was a really great book, check out more of Mary Downing Hahn's other books below!
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By: Courtney Smith