A Picture paints the perfect image

Introducing Arts School Cathedral 🏫

"Not ever student is invited back to Cathedral at the end of the year"

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Cathedral Arts Middle School is a well known private arts school located in New York, with well educated teachers.In the lobby, they are twinkly glow-in-the-dark stars and paper mache airplanes.To even get in you have to "try out" by showing off your artwork. The quotation shows how in the book "Middle School~ Get me out of here" the principal states that not everyone is welcome back basically implying that once you get in, you have to work hard to stay in the school. The catchphrase "A Picture Paints the Perfect Image" basically shows us how pictures are a way to express our opinions/thoughts and shows other people about us and our thoughts.

Middle School~ Get me out of here 📚

By James Patterson

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Enrollment is ONLY 1,000 per year

Contact Information; If your child is interested in enrolling in our school please call @ 197-287-384 or email us @ CathedralMiddleSchool1@yahoo.com