Ancient Chinese Inventions

Here Is a List of Info About Ancient Chinese Inventions

What are some Chinese inventions and who made them?


When you think of firecrackers and fireworks, you probably think about being entertained on the 4th of July. But the Chinese originally made them to scare away enemies in battle. Fire works and fire crackers excelled so much in battle, that at least half of the enemies fled in battle instead of conquering his kingdom. Li Tian (the inventor) put compacted gunpowder into wood. After that, he put dry grass sticking out of the wood ball containing the powder. He lit it on fire and BOOM! He used his invention to scare away enemies in battle against his kingdom.


We all know that gunpowder is very dangerous. But quite useful. Gunpowder was meant to pass as a medicine that would help you live forever. Once it was assembled, it was not quite a medicine. It was more like a weapon in war. (Used in guns, fireworks, and bombs, etc.) After Wujing Zongyao crafted gunpowder he lit it on fire in his hand to 'burn off evil spirits', then it blew up in his hand and face and killed him.

Paper Money


Paper money was originally made so merchants didn't have to carry heavy copper coins. Not only was it easier to carry, but it was a huge upgrade in value. They still used copper coins to buy things, so they had a little extra if the paper money couldn't afford the product. Today we use both paper money and coins to buy things. If it wasn't for Jiaozi of the Song Dynasty, today we would still have to carry around heavy coins.

Mechanical Clock (1st Generation)

Today, clocks have numbers that tell hours and minutes. But the first clock ever made could only tell the movement of the sun, moon and the earth. It was a huge sphere shaped thing that was mounted on a tall tower above cities. It worked by water running through it at different angles as the earth moved. It had a glass cylinder at the top that captured rays of sun and reflected the beams on the bottom. Same thing went with the light of the moon. Yi Xing (the inventor) created the clock to tell when the sun or moon started to fade away. As the sun rays dimmed down on the bottom of the clock, Yi Xing knew it was about to become night.

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