By Brianna Morrissy

Guests (Mum side)

Meredith Jones (Mother)
Margaret Jones (Grandmother)
Lynette Marshall/Jones (Aunty)
Darren Marshall (Uncle)
Jessica Marshall (Cousin)
Tegan Marshall (Cousin)

Guests (Dad side)

Gerald Morrissy (Father)
Belinda Morrissy (Step Mother)
Ruby Morrissy (Half Sister)
Jake Morrissy ( Half Brother)
Margaret Morrissy (Grandmother)
Frank Morrissy (Grandfather)
Margaret Morrissy (Aunty)
Quinton Morrissy (Uncle)
Hayden Morrissy (Cousin)
Cathy Morrissy (Aunty)
Eddy Morrissy (Uncle)
Samantha Morrissy (Cousin)
Chelsea Morrissy (Cousin)
Justin Morrissy (Cousin)
Tara Morrissy (Cousin)
Tom Morrissy (Uncle)
Blake Morrissy (Cousin)
Joel Morrissy (Cousin)
Frank Morrissy (Uncle)
Karen Morrissy (Aunty)
Kylie Morrissy (Cousin)
Brandon Morrissy (Cousin)
Chris Morrissy (Uncle)
Robin Morrissy (Aunty)
Chris jnr Morrissy (Cousin)
Ebony Morrissy (Cousin)
Stacey Morrissy (Cousin)

Morrissy Activites

  • Secret Santa- All the Morrissy's have a person to buy a present for their selected secret a present around $30-$50.
  • Horse race- All the Kids and Adults if the want to bring a toy horse and in age groups race around a track to race all the winners at the end to win a block of chocolate.
  • Santa and Elf's- Margaret Morrissy (Grandmother) and Frank Morrissy (Grandfather) dress up as Santa to give out the presents and their elfs Tara Morrissy (Cousin) and I help give out the presents to the family.

Jones Activites

  • The Jones celebration changes the place of celebration in order Margaret Jones (grandmother) , Meredith Jones (Mother) then Lynette Marshall (Aunty).
  • First we have food then the presents are passed out.

Why is Christmas is special

Christmas is special to me because I get to see my family and friends i don't see often and get to celebrate the birth of Jesus and share some gifts and have a nice roast for dinner.

Why Christmas is a celebration.

Christmas is a celebration celebrated around the world on the 25th of December each year to celebrate the Birth of the beautiful baby Jesus to share gifts, have prayers and get together once a year to celebrate this special time for Catholics.