K.I.S.S. Technology Series

Keep it Short and Simple

60 Minutes or Less

  • Does your school have….
  • Little or no release time for PD?
  • Overwhelmed teachers?
  • A desire to address Common Core initiatives?

iTeach Professional Development Solution

  • K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) Framework encourages teacher engagement without feeling overwhelmed
  • Modified sessions are especially designed to be taught during staff planning periods
  • Diverse content covers 21st Century best practices and skills
  • Address Common Core integration and Engaged Learning

iTeach Classes

Common Core Tool Kit

Digital Cameras

Interactive Whiteboards

iTeach Smackdown


Thinkfinity Tour

Appy Hour: iPad resources

iPad Basics

The Geek & I: Tech Troubleshooting

More Classes

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