Reign of Terror- French Revolution

Zack Snyder

What is it

The Reign of Terror was a period of time in France from September 5th 1793 to July 27th 1974 where violence was spread throughout its country and into other countries in pursuit of getting rid of all the corrupt people that were in the country and associated with the country to try and change things around and make the country a better place.

Importance/How did it change things

The Reign of Terror was important and changed things because it would kill off all of the corrupt people or anyone who opposed the movement of the revolution. It would not stop for anyone that went against it including the people in it's own country AND any rulers from the outside world.

Aspects of the French Revolution did it show

The Reign of Terror was a very violent time period with killings happening left and right like no other to anyone who opposed the movement. This would go to show how it was very violent and the fact that they killed people because they opposed the revolution showed how power hungry or controlling the leaders of the Reign of Terror were.