The Troubleshooter

Regain Your Creative Freedom and Get Back to Business!


Trust me I've been there.

I know your brain has been high-jacked by your own business...but not by the fanciful creative side.


By the perfectionistic-technical-side.

The side that requires you to design layouts, install plugins, widgets, ...and don't forget the shopping cart!

So tell me when is that you have time to nurture your business?

I mean the part where you create, tweak, and pour in your wonderful ideas into your passion as a entrepreneur?!

Oh, You are gonna need me girl!

And you'll love the mental freedom you will gain when I get manage your business tasks, implement technologies, and set the tech issues aside.

Go to for ALL the details and how you can get me on your team.

Benefits of Working with Me :)

As your Troubleshooter (Technical Virtual Assistant), I'll help you...

  • Save time & money by knowing how to really use technology
  • Regain your creativity so you can delegate tasks & do what you really love
  • Increase productivity by learning tools & tips to support your business

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