Team 7 Newsletter

December 16-20

Social Emotional Grades

On the report card that you receive at the end of Term 2, you will notice there are some additional grades for your student's 2nd or 3rd hours. These are social-emotional grades that were are starting this term. If you would like more information see the brochure below

Math-Ms. McGehee

I would like to thank everyone for being so patient with me during my absence. I am very excited to be back to work full time! If you have any questions about grades, please email me at

In the last two weeks, we have been doing a lot of testing in math. Students took the iReady math diagnostic test, an interim state assessment and a quiz.

This week:

Monday-Introduction to Multiplication of Negative Numbers

Tuesday-Introduction to Division of Negative Numbers

Wednesday-Practice all operations

Thursday-Quiz over all operations

Language Arts-- Mrs. Martin

Students have just finished their Unit 2 assessment to write an essay about the effects of irrational thinking.

This week we will be reading and analyzing the play version of A Christmas Carol, and comparing the character of Ebineezer Scrooge to other literary and pop culture characters. Students will not have any homework this week.

I will be accepting missing work until Wednesday 12/18. Please help make sure that your student has submitted all assignments before the end of school on this date.

Thank you and enjoy your upcoming break!

Science - Mrs. Brown

We are finishing up our ecology unit this week. Chapter 4 test this week and a work day. I will be finishing my grade book on Wednesday. When we come back, we will start forces and motion. Hope you have a great holiday.

Mrs. Brown