by Livy Blomdahl

Most people think that Christmas is a time for receiving. That is not true. Christmas is also a time for giving. You feel a lot better when you give because you know that you are helping a family out. A great way to give is to do Toys for Tots. It’s easy because we’re doing it right here at Sturgis.

What you need to do: It’s simple just go to a toy store (like Toys r us), get a new toy, and give it to Sturgis. The toy doesn’t need to be that expensive but don’t take that as an excuse to be as frugal as scrooge and get some cheap toy. When you walk into the Toy Story imagine yourself as a child and think about what kind of toy you would like. (Just remember to keep your budget in mind.) You should get a toy that is gender neutral but if you decided to a Barbie or an action figure that’s fine too. Do not wrap that is important

What to do after that: Bring that toy to Sturgis and put in the box downstairs that has wrapping paper and a bow on it near the stairs.

Another way to give and is to the one million reason to believe. This is even simpler than toys for tots. All you have to do is write a letter to Santa that’s it. Find your inner child and pretend that you actually believe in Santa (or if you already do good job) and write you want for Christmas. Think about it you get to write a letter to Santa and no one will judge you because you are doing charity work. The only catch is that it has to be in an envelope, stamped, and addressed to the North Pole. It is going to the make a wish foundation which gives kids with life threatening illnesses one wish like “I want to go to New York”.

So please give to these amazing charities and you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself.