3 Different Physical Features

These are for the Extra Terrestrials. By: Ayden Cook

3 Different Ways Humans Regionalize the Earth

1. Time zones: These are important because you could be driving and then you realize it skipped to another day!

2. Continents: These keep races and different languages and other things away (unless aloud in).

3. Cities: These have different amounts of people in each one. Each one has a different amount of everything.

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is the highest point on the planet Earth. But, it is also one of the coldest.

Opportunities: volcano-free, tsunami-free Challenges: building, farming, resources, water, food Packing List: Food, water, air cans and masks, lots of warm clothing Travel Tips: Low source of air, no source of food, little source of water, the sunset is beautiful, you could make a world record Suggestions for other places: K-2, Himalayas, Australia

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One of the most coldest areas, but it is completely a glacier!

Opportunities: pictures, fishing (maybe) Challenges: farming, building, imports Packing List: Lots of warm clothing, food, water Travel Tips: Very cold, Low source of food, low source of water, sunset is beautiful Suggestions for other places: South America, Africa, Oceans

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Savannah Desert

The Savannah Dessert is miles and miles of sand with little water, but the views are amazing!

Opportunities: wood industries Challenges: food, water, shelter Packing List: Lots of water, lots of food, t-shirt and shorts Travel Tips: Low source of water, low source of food, low source of shade, views are amazing Suggestions for other places: Rain forests, grasslands, Saudi Arabia, Asia

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