Mrs. Guy's Weekly Update

5th Grade ELA Happenings

September 19-23

Weekly Events

Monday -

Tuesday - Ashland Field Trip for our team

Tuesday - Beginner Band Meeting @ 6 & 7

Wednesday - PAC @ 5:30

Wednesday - Board Meeting @ 7

Thursday -

Friday - Interims Go Home today

Friday - Data Folders needs signed over the weekend

Data Folders

All students will be bringing home data folders to share with you. There is a signature page at the front that needs to be signed and then the data folder returned the next school day. Students will be awarded extra DOJO points for returning the data folder on the next school day.

I have asked that the students show you their folders and go over the items inside with you. If you have any questions or comments, please write a note and return it in the data folder or shoot me an email.

As always, THANK YOU for all the support you give us from home!

Homework Assignments (All Groups)

ELA homework packet and signed reading log (pictured on the left) due Friday

Spelling Test #4 on Friday (/Ô/ patterns)

Independent project assigned last Friday (due October 21st). I need to know the subject for their biographies on Wednesday.

Study Island Informational Text Main Idea & Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Interjections due by Friday, September 23rd. Students need to answer at least 20 questions per topic and earn a blue ribbon. There will be one Study Island grade per nine weeks. This will be an average of all scores.

In Class Assignments (All Groups)

This week students will be asked to complete a Reading Response journal entry by Friday. This is written about their current independent reading book, so that book needs to come to school everyday. I have included the rubric used to grade the responses.

Students will also be practicing the spelling pattern of the week as a center.

We will continue our focus on informational texts and summarizing those texts with guided and independent work. We will also start brain storming ideas for our independent project and discuss finding accurate, reliable information.