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Homelessness can be caused by many things depending on the situation the individual or couple is in. The most common causes of Homelessness is being laid off and not being able to find another job to support themselves or their family, medical reasons, and a death of a loved one who supported the family. These are just some of the common cause there are many more including discriminating against sexuality, coming home from the military and not being able to find another job, and an addiction to drugs.

Robyn and Mickey

Canada has very bad conditions during the winter imagine living there during it. Homeless, in Canada, at the age of 17 is exactly what Robyn, Mickey, and their dog have to deal with. " Because shelters will not take dogs or allow them all to stay together , they'd rather stay on the streets sleeping rough" Robyn quotes.


Jaleel is homeless in Chicago, Illinois because his parents kicked home out of his home for being gay. Jaleel plans to become a social worker and give back to the community. He is currently living in a emergency shelter in Chicago. "Being homeless is better than the awkward situation of staying family or friends" says Jaleel.

Lisa and Lexus

Lisa and Lexus live in a weekly rate hotel in Wentzville just outside of St. Louis. Pregnant and unable to work Lisa quickly ran out of resources but thanks to Paul Kruze they were able to find a livable hotel to raise a child.

What can be done?


The government could use some of the money they take from taxes and build shelters and homes for the homeless in America. Giving grants to the food pantries for food for the homeless would greatly appreciated by the homeless.


Your community can help the homeless by giving them everyday items like a pillow and blanket, tooth brush, and maybe even a place to stay for a night or two anything to help them would show them that you care and are willing to help. A community could come together to raise some money for the local homeless.

The Homeless

The Homeless try to find jobs but with not having a permanent address, a phone number, or nice clothes they have a very hard time finding a job even though they maybe very hard workers and will make their employers happy. Being homeless is a challenging, scary, and dangerous thing to do at any age but you have to keep your head up and look at all the positive things in life.

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