Time Travelers at Minuteman!

Visitors From 1890 Visit Minuteman Regional High School

Looks Like Unexpected Guests Are Here to Stay

While students and staff at Minuteman Regional High School were enjoying a vacation last month, some unusual activity was going on at the high school. The first sign of something odd happening was the discovery of a horse and buggy in a field near the high school. The horse was grazing happily, but the buggy looked like it was in pretty rough shape. "Yeah, the horse, he was just standing around eating the grass," explained a Lexington resident who found the horse, "but the buggy looked like it was basically broken down. Wherever it came from, it wasn't an easy ride, I'd say."

A group of tents was found nearby, and living in the tents was a large group of people. Their ages range from very young children to some elderly folks. They seemed peaceful but a little nervous and unaware of their surroundings. They explained that they were living in 1890 but one of them had built a time-machine-tunnel and they decided to try it out and go on the adventure of a lifetime. They were not sure when they ended up, and were very surprised to learn that they made it as far as 2016.

When asked why they risked traveling through a time-machine-tunnel, Mabel Rockstone one of the tunnel's creators, explained, "There are a lot of battles over land back in our time, and it's really not pleasant. We are going through an economic depression and times are hard for many people. When Nellie Bly, and you probably haven't heard of her but you will, mark my words, travelled around the world in 72 days, I thought to myself, 'if she can go around the world in 72 days, I'll bet I can figure out how to travel through time!' And I did."

Now that these travelers from back in time are here in Lexington, they are in no hurry to leave. They are looking to buy land to build homes, although they are shocked at the prices of things these days. Some of them have enrolled their children in local schools, including some here at Minuteman. Most of them have embraced 2016, and with their new clothes it is hard to tell which are the time-traveling students. Sometimes their speech gives them away, when you hear something described as "all higgedly-piggedly," or someone as being, "off one's trolley."

These guests from long ago need our help learning how to use technology. Some have bought cell phones, tablets and laptops, and are learning how to use them pretty quickly. But as these travelers settle down in our midst and start to look for jobs, they need to know how to use their new technology wisely. They need some guidelines and they need them quickly. It is our job to help bridge the gap between the past, the present and the future and help these wanderers stay safe on the net.

Local Class to the Rescue!

A new class at Minuteman Regional High School, called Digital Literacy and Citizenship, is stepping up to help the time-travelers. The ninth grade students will be working on some digital guidelines for the newcomers. Some topics they will be explaining are copyrights, netiquette, and internet privacy, among others. They will be designing presentations, videos, electronic books, and more to help our visitors stay safe and well-connected.