7 year old girls father has cancer. By:Jayden.


Have you ever had that gut feeling where you wanted to just let everything out because you didn't know if someone was going to make it or not. Well on May 9 2011 everything changed the news we got was heart breaking i wish i could go back and make sure that they never ever said that because that is something that you never want to hear that out of someone's mouth. That day not only did we figure out that my dad had a tumor in his leg the size of 2 softballs but also that he has cancer in his lungs that moment was not only terrible but heartbreaking remember the look on my mom's face when they said that my dad had a tumor and cancer you never want to hear that come out of a doctor's mouth especially if it is about a parent or a friend or a family member. But when i found out i was only 7 years old i didn't know how to react to this stuff so wants they explained everything i had started to understand and once they told me that my dad had a tumor and cancer it felt like they had ripped the one thing out of my life that i need to live and then broken them into pieces. My dad is everything to me i wouldn’t be here where i'm at if it wasn't for my dad.

So when they told me i fell it was something that i wanted to rip my own heart out for i told him I wanted to trade him places but the look on his face when i said that it hurt him for me to say that, but i meant it.


Thursday, Oct. 8th, 9pm

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April 1,2011 my dad got into an accident he was at work towing a car and he goes to get back in the car and some lady be stupid texting and driving hits the car door and closes it on my dad’s leg in so much pain he get back in his truck all the way after talking to the lady about what happen he drives home. Hes home now me a 7 year old little girl like any other i ran over to him but he couldn't pick me up he said to me “not right now jayden,i hurt hone” he always comes home after i get out of school and picks me up and takes me out to his truck and lets me walk on the bed of his truck. Now my mom is in her room with my terribly annoying little sister. So I follow my dad up to my mom's room and his room but he gives my mom a hug and that's when i saw something a huge red swollen knot on his leg and scratches, so with my little nosey mouth i blurt out daddy what happened to your leg? That's when things get out of hand my mom looks at his leg and says” mike what happened are you okay” i am frightened about what happened now as my 3 year old sister is because crazy she hears me start crying so does my mom and dad they all walk over my mom picks me up sets me on her lap jayden what's wrong me trying not to cry even more explain why scared what happened to my dad and if he is going to be okay i walk over to my dad and ask him if he is okay and if i can get him a band-aid because i am little and think i can solve everything. Couple weeks later at a family reunion for my great great grandmother's death about 8 years ago my dad's leg is humongous it is beyond swollen it's the size of 2 softballs. Everyone coming over talking to him about his leg or just irritating him. Then comes May 11, 2011 me my mom my dad and my sister we go to the doctor we get tests done for my dad's leg and body, the doctor comes in and explains he says “I'm sorry to say this but not only mike do you have a tumor in your leg but you also have cancer in your lungs i'm so sorry to half to tell you this” at that moment everyone thought it was the end of the world.