The Life of Alexus

"Don't let them say you ain't beautiful" -Eminem<3

Starting Adventure

Hello, first off your probably wandering why your reading about my life, well... you might hear about music alot.. I usually listen to music on a daily basis about 5-6 hours a day of music... Its actually quite nice listening to it.. It has words to relate to me when people can't . Music to me is my soul.. Music to me is like a new person, who listens to me and doesnt judge me of the mistakes or disasters I've made. Listening to my music clears my mind.. It helps me think of all the problems in my life and helps me relate to others.

More Personally

My father and I

As you may know, I live with my mom. You probably never hear me talk about my dad alot... Thats because I dont like to bring him up alot. I love him dont get me wrong. My dad is my inspiration, my savior , my favorite....He is the only real guy in my life... My dad and I have gotten closer ever since we moved out.. In 2012 that's whenj everything hit the ceiling.. My dad has mentalility issues .. He is very suicidal...