Bloods Times News Paper

Edition 1 Volume 1

Do you know your rights ?

In the past 11 years 21 people have been released from jails in Ohio for crimes they did not commit. Today we have some articles to inform you about your rights if your wrongly accused. One of your rights is right to a fair trial ( the sixth amendment ). Another right is rights to freedom of speech ( the first amendment ).

Why do you need these rights ?

You need your rights because without them life would be unfair. You need the right to freedom of speech so you cant get arrested for just talking or saying something that may offend somebody. You also need the rights to a fair trial so their is not any bias and you get the right sentence and not unfair punishment.

Who to go to if you are wrongfully accused

Ohio school of law is who helped the 21 people wrongfully accused in Ohio. It is also known as the Ohio innocence project. They review your trial and all the evidence to help prove your innocence. Now most states have a innocence project and your state can help prove you innocent.