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#BookSnaps Engaging with Text

Across all three elementary schools, students are closely examining text and creating evidence of learning in Seesaw with BookSnaps. It is a brilliant way to empower students to show their understanding by creating digital learning artifacts that are shared with authentic audiences. It also dramatically boosts engagement with reading and reflection!

This summer I got to work and learn alongside BookSnaps founder Tara Martin, a Kansas teacher turned principal. She wanted to show students how to use SnapChat to enhance their reading experience. She succeeded and BookSnaps are being created by the thousands of people, every single day, all around the world. Last month she signed a book deal to share the story of BookSnaps still further. I cannot wait to BookSnap the BookSnaps book! Check out what people are sharing by click on this hashtag: #BookSnaps

In just two weeks, I will have worked with students in grades two through four to introduce BookSnaps. We have used them to make text-to-self connections, identify character emotions, and prove character traits - but the possibilities are endless! Their creations have been phenomenal and I would love to share some with you.

Jorgensen: Fourth Grade at Pinecrest
Knoll: Fourth Grade at Pinecrest
Gartzke: Fourth Grade at Pinecrest
McBride: Fourth Grade at McAuliffe
Anderson: Third Grade at McAuliffe
Mitchell: Second Grade at Kennedy - 10/4

I would love to introduce your students to BookSnaps, too. Please email me and let's arrange a time to launch BookSnaps in Seesaw with your students in any grade!

Duck Duck Moose Apps in Primary Grades

Over the past few weeks, Kindergarten iPads have updated with four new Duck Duck Moose apps to support math and reading in our youngest students. First and second grade, you can expect the following new apps in the coming weeks. You can check them out and learn more about them by clicking on these links.


First Grade (coming soon)

Second Grade (coming soon)

Epic App - Updated with Word Highlights

This year, the free eBooks app Epic, announced that all Read-to-Me books feature highlighted words as the text is read aloud. Epic is another fabulous resource to offer students for eReading, and you can learn more about it here.

There are, of course, loads of teacher dashboard controls, relevant texts, and a modern reading experience that both adults and students appreciate. If you're curious about using Epic in your classroom, like many others across our elementary schools, please email Andy.

ISD200 Seesaw Ambassadors Blog

We have more official Seesaw Ambassadors than any district of our size in the country! Five of your colleagues have been welcomed into Seesaw Ambassadorship, participated in online trainings, and have agreed to provide Seesaw related professional growth opportunities for others. We are very fortunate, and I am pleased to share with you one of the ways we are providing resources and inspiration.

Introducing, the ISD200 Seesaw Ambassadors Blog

A public way to show, share, and inspire!

If there is a template you need, let us know. We can make it. If you see something on TeachersPayTeachers, let us know. We may be able to make it. If you have an idea that needs some support, let us know. We are here to support you.

Seesaw is a transformative way for students to show their learning, growth, and creativity. It is an important advance in the 21st Century Classroom and promotes digital citizenship, proper social media use, and individual flexibility for students to create digital learning artifacts that demonstrate understanding. Anything you have ever done with students, Seesaw can enhance.

Andy Larson, Amanda Maul, Maren Dorval, Angie Erickson, and Andy Leiser

Typing Club Update

Every single third and fourth grade will be starting their computer lab time with 10-15 minutes of keyboarding practice using Typing Club. We encourage our students to access Typing Club from the Digital Resources page under Academics on their school website.

We are focusing on accuracy over speed, correct posture, and keeping our fingers on the home row. It is always best when the professional educators and leaders in a child's life model the same set of skills.

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Get in touch with Andy if you are ready to grow your professional learning community and begin connecting and growing with teachers on a global scale. It's empowering and eye-opening when you discover what's available beyond your classroom/school.

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