Come to the city of Athens! P. 2

flourish yourself in democracy.

Why Athens

Athens among all the city-states in Greece we have a lovely democracy giving man the will to vote for a leader. Athens, beyond everyone else are full of knowledge , they hold in their head the five subjects that matter to them. Science, mathematics, social studies, language, and drama on stage. Come and visit if you will.

Our daily life activities


In Greece they are polytheistic which means that they worship many gods. All of the gods in Greece are worshiped very respectively. The god most known in Zeus.

Dangers you may face while visiting Athens


In Athens they are disputing with fellow polis, Sparta. Greece has decided to move everyone into the city for their own good. While being quite cramped people have been spreading sicknesses rapidly.

Woman rights

Woman in Athens do not have as many rights as men. Women stay home and clean with their kid while their husband goes out and works and goes shopping. If you are a woman in Athens your stay might not be the most pleasant one.


In Greece their rival is Sparta, their fellow polis. If you are coming to Greece, you must be prepared for war and rivals that lurk the area. They are preparing for a Spartan attack any day now.
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Map of Athens

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We are a free country.

Come to Athens for freedom, care, and democracy. Athens is located in eastern Greece and they believe that they are the best of the best and nobody can top them.
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