Cary Colt Weekly Agenda

Last Week of 3rd Six Weeks! December 15-19, 2014!

A Few Changes That Are "Mint" to Be Helpful...


After reviewing the week, we will have a slight change of plans. Instead of having THREE structured plans, we will have ONE with Ms. Fowler on Thursday.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, you will plan on your own with your team and complete your grades. Grades are due January 6th. On January 5th, we will have a Staff Development and Planning Day. You will not have time on to complete the grades following the holiday. The ACP grade will be the last grade.

This will be a busy first day back, so I want to give you time this week to take care of grades and getting your room ready for the new year.


Lets Make The Road to Success Matter!


Today, I was reminded of the work we do each day. I grew up with parents always looking for ways to help the less fortunate, and how to assimilate them back into society. I

I chose to work with our community, on purpose in 1996, and have never regretted my choice.

I have made mistakes, and I have learned. I have purposefully studies and learned more about the students I teach because I came from a different background, and I knew I could not rely on my own experiences.

Not all middle schools are exactly like Cary. Just like the feeder school feeding into Cary, are not exactly like all schools around the district. You have to read the history on each child. Get on Mydata portal. Take out the CUMs and read about your students. You might find, your student lives with a family friend or someone else, which causes changes in behavior.

The one thing I have learned is how much a child will do for someone he/she think cares and listens. I have learned there is A LOT OF GRAY AREA. The world of dealing with children is not all black and white. It is gray. You have to talk and teach them before they get out in the world.

We will discuss our plan for a small group in January. The 8th graders will be placed in one class and tutored extensively. We can't throw anyone away. We can't just suspend them from now until July. We have a plan. We will discuss some plans for a few after the holiday, but be thinking how you can help. Remember to separate your emotion, how you were brought up, and let's get to work. 8th isn't the only area needing your thinking, we have some challenges in all grade levels.

Last week, I complimented one of our student on acting better in a class. The student looked at me, and responded, "Because I HAVE to act better. Coach Rico is going to check on me." He can't act poorly because, in his mind, someone cares enough to not allow him to fail. Someone is checking. This simple act is changing is behavior. He is not perfect, but he is trying.

We also need to recognize those students we do NOT have to check on. I want to think on this an start announcing them on the board near the cafeteria.. Let's think on how to do it.

We all need to feel our road is meaningful.

Smile at those students doing the right thing and those you have to push. Feeling hating paralyzes individuals. Let's make sure they know we believe they can succeed. Words and actions matter.

Just like YOU all go the extra mile because you all know I want to retain my team, and I like all of you. It gives you the freedom to come to work and teach. Nobody has to worry that I am after your job. It works the same way with students...

Let's make this a good week. Remember, you are changing lives. One day, these students will come back to you as SMU graduates or A&M graduates and repeat things you won't believe they remember.

Have a great week!

A CHANGE in Our Week

Monday, December 15th: Regular Day

  • Everything must be covered up in the classrooms. You may recycle butcher paper for the STAAR, and last ACP. (I have used some for multiple years. Use bright happy colors. No black.)
  • Please, keep a regular day and keep students fairly calm; reading, discussing, etc.. Review can be in test format looking questions today. (Discuss why the answer is right.)
  • Send work home.
  • Remind students to keep notebooks and phones at home. *Only bring phones if it is an emergency.
  • Tuesday-Friday you will be actively monitoring to ensure students are working.

Tuesday, December 16th: Short Day

Take a deep breath. Remind students they will do well. (Actively monitor. Walk around and then sit.) *Students may go to the restroom one at a time.

  • Students are released at 12:30.
  • Plan and work on grades (On your own)

Wednesday, December 17th: Short Day

Take a deep breath. Remind students they will do well. (Actively monitor. Walk around and then sit.) *Students may go to the restroom one at a time.

  • Students are released at 12:30
  • Plan to work on grades (On your own)
  • *Indicated math teachers will meet briefly with Ms. Blackmon

Thursday, December 18th: Short Day

Take a deep breath. Remind students they will do well. (Actively monitor. Walk around and then sit.) *Students may go to the restroom one at a time.

  • Ugly Sweater Contest! Vote on your top pick in the main office! (Winner wins the cooled gift around....)
  • Plan to meet with Ms. Fowler (TEA Monitor) Times to be announced
  • Winter Party at Fernandos on Travis! Dress festive! 6:30pm on the patio...

Friday, December 19th: Short Day

Take a deep breath. Remind students they will do well. (Actively monitor. Walk around and then sit.) *Students may go to the restroom one at a time.

  • Students dismiss at 12:30
  • Plan and enter grades! (On your own)

Kudos Around Cary

  • African American Success! Two of our teachers will give us more information in January on how we will give our AA students extra support. Thank you, Ms. Erskin and Ms. Roberts.
  • Kudos to Mr. Francis on your demeanor and professionalism. You are the perfect person for ISS. Nothing ruffles you. I also appreciate your work with our crisis plan and textbooks. I know you have a full plate, but it is so nice to see the calm consistent nature ISS is handled. Thank you. SV.
  • Kudos to Tessa for being supportive of CARY at large. I appreciate her help as she brings parents together from five different elementary schools and blends them into one family. This job would be much more difficult with out her support. THANK YOU! It is hard to bring a whole community together, and she has done a great job. She is also a great little teach!!! SV
  • Kudos to my assistant principals for continuing to meet with me, even while I had the flu... You guys are brave.
  • Kudos to those staff members who came together, and would not accept one of our COLTS being hurt at home. We will have a CPS refresher after the holiday, but I was so proud of the reaction to one of our students in need. Our faculty is like a family, and someone messed with our child. Thank you all for helping this child.
  • Kudos to Officer Culpepper for building relationships and knowing our students. She knows when it is play and when it isn't and how to talk to our kids. It is nice to have her mentoring our students.
  • Kudos to Ms. Coleman for not dropping the ball on the Bobby Bragan scholarship essay. She knows I can't dribble and didn't pass it to me until it was time to shoot. Because of her, two of our 8th graders have a real shot at winning AND they got to experience several adults in the building admiring them and their effort.
  • Kudos to Ms. Mancias and staff for taking our students to A&M!!! I just heard about the trip!
  • Kudos to Ms. Coleman not only knows our students, but she knows our faculty as well. By allowing me to play on my strengths, she forgave my weaknesses. She gave me the opportunity to confirm why I love teaching.
  • Kudos also go to all of Rosemary and Oscar's teachers who allowed them to stay with me to complete their essays. I know it's hard to let go of kids right before ACPs, but testing be damned! Oscar and Rosemary created something original and REAL. If you could have seen their faces when an idea sparked, if you had heard the 'oh yeahs!' It was magic. Not even the most hardened, worn out, frustrated teacher is immune to those sights and sounds. It may be corny, but that kind of authentic student emoting is why I teach.
  • Kudos also go to Ms. Siguenza who, though ESL tired and stressed, read several 7th grade essays with enthusiasm, so I could gain perspective on the work.
  • Kudos to Oscar and Rosemary, Cary students, worked diligently on their essays. Never once did they complain, roll their eyes or tsk when I asked them to move a sentence, edit a line or revise a whole paragraph. Writing, good and meaningful writing, is arduous work. Both of these 8th graders put their hearts into it. I was Cary proud of them.
  • Kudos to Ms. Mancias, Mr. Goodroe, Mr. Rico, Mr. Martinez and Ms. Coindreu for taking our students to Texas A&M! There is no thank you big enough for the experience you have given our students. There not many middle school staff members volunteering to give up "time" repeatedly just to benefit the students, but that seems to be the norm at Cary Middle School.
  • Kudos to Coach Rico for coaching soccer unpaid. The students stated acting better in my classroom.
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