The Great Gatsby

by Frances Scott Fitzgerald

Character Analysis

The main character in The Great Gatsby is a young man that is around the age of thirty, who had a rather poor childhood only for him to soon become an extremely wealthy man. When he had been given this high amountage of money, He didn't say exactly how he had only been given it because of the fact of how he had achieved it from doing a crime. Thus showing us that Gatsby [ Or Jay Gatsby ] is a very concealed character, Yet uses his money for parties and social activities. Once Gatsby is introduced to Nick almost everyone seems to suddenly recognize Gatsby just from all the things him and Nick had been doing. The time when Gatsby had been involved in the murder of the gas station owners wife, He was thought to be the criminal, And once killed, He was everywhere on the news, From 7 or 8 people knowing about him to hundreds and thousands. There has also been proof that Gatsby is very considerate, Shown once him and Nick were talking about how Daisy was the one who committed the crime and Gatsby said he wanted no one to know it was her but for everyone to think that it was him. "I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, Old Sport." This quote signifies that Gatsby never loses hope, Mainly because he wants to know Daisy will be safe for the night so he could leave in peace, This is a very big relevance to the story Romeo and Juliet.


Gatsby is not exactly as social as everyone would think a party throwing millionaire would be. In fact, He's so unsocial that almost no one had seen his face except the ones who worked with him or were his friends, Much like Nick Carraway. Gatsby can be seen as an emotional figure, He shows sympathy towards his love Daisy Buchanan and shows anger to her husband Tom Buchanan. Gatsby also seems to have an issue with the fact of how he calls almost everyone [Except Daisy] that he meets 'Old Sport', Getting that from a millionaire he had saved that called him that before teaching him how to be a gentleman, Teaching him how to become...The Great Gatsby.




The theme of the story takes place within the summer of 1922 and is mainly about two romantic lovers who are meant to be with one another yet know that they simply cannot, Once Gatsby and Tom meet eye to eye, The symbolism of the two lovers is shown, Especially at the party which shows how Gatsby was dancing with Daisy right in front of her husband. It also allows the reader to look into how Gatsby works, He was throwing all these parties just so his lover could notice this change of events and drop by to visit Gatsby, But despite his attempts, She had not came. Until finally, Nick came along and introduced Gatsby to Tom and Daisy which had sadly been married.


The setting is in Long Island and New York City in the Early 1920's. The Great Gatsby set in New York City and on Long Island around two areas known as West Egg and East Egg. Numerous times within the story it would say that Gatsby would be one a dock all alone before Nick would come along and talk to him. Gatsby had lived within the West Egg, Owning a huge mansion with up to 22 rooms, Whilst his love lived across the river, In the East Egg.