Project Two

Making a Sticker

What I Did

For the second project in FABLab we used illustrator to design stickers, then used Roland cut studio to cut vinyl to make the stickers

Programs Used

All of the design was done on Adobe Illustrator. After I was finished with the design I used a plugin to bring each layer to Roland Cut Studio, which interacted with the cutting machine to cut the vinyl.

Equipment Used

I used the Roland GX24 to cut the vinyl. The weeding and transferring was all done by hand.
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We weeded out the cut layers with exact o knives until we were left only with our designs.
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The weeded layers were placed on top of each other on transfer tape, resulting in the finished product.


My project used 3 layers of vinyl, each 9 inches long and 7 inches wide. One layer was from the scrap drawer, but I included it in my total cost. For 27 total linear inches my project ended up costing $1.69.
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Question 1

This project would be useful for users who want unique specific stickers, but it might be less efficient for mass production. I selected this design because it is something I could see myself actually using. Possible customers would be people who want a customized personal sticker, like custom bumper sticker with their own designs or words they chose.

Question 2

One obstacle I faced was accidentally having my registration marks inside my design. To overcome this instead of weeding around the registration marks I took them off completely to line them up. If I were to do this project again I would make sure my registration marks were outside of my design, and maybe use more layers to make a more complex project.

Question 3

I was proud of being able to weed out the text without mistakes, and actually feel that I could have used a slightly more complex font. The most interesting part of this project was the machining element, and it was cool to watch the vinyl cutter cut out my design. I learned about how to overcome obstacles during the design and fabrication process.