Graphene Aerogel

The lightest material!

About Graphene Aerogel

Graphene Aerogel is one of the lighteset materials. It can absorb 68.8 milligrams per second! it has a grayish tint and can be compressed, but not squished.

Its nano-tubes

Graphene Aerogels weight is possible because of nano-tubes. It makes it around 90% void, or air. The creator did a method which incuded freeze-drying mixtures of carbon to make nanotubes. Graphene was now carbon sponge that can be used to soak up oil spills.

Its fight to the crown.

After year it claimed the throne of 'Lightest material', aerographite has been knocked off its seat by a new aerogel made from graphene. Created by a research from China’s University in Science and Engineering, the ultra-light aerogel has a density less than helium and two times hydrogen!

Summing it up.

Graphene aerogel is truly something of the future. To its light weight, to its ability to oak up oil, saving marine life from oil spills. Graphene is a topic that deserves to be used in the future.