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Basic Skills 51 and 52 DUE Friday (3/25)

FYI - VHS orientation and scheduling for 8th graders!

On Monday morning, the VHS counselors will be providing 8th grade students with information regarding scheduling classes for high school. Students will be gaining insight so they know how to select the classes and electives that will make up their freshman schedules. If your child is in 8th grade, you should expect them to bring an informational course booklet and scheduling form home to share with you.

8th Grade Curriculum

8th grade students started this unit (ER - Exponential Rules) by focusing on scientific notation. This week students will continue to work on the following exponent rules used to simplify expressions.

  • Rule 1 - When multiplying exponential form with the same base, add the exponents.
  • Rule 2 - When multiplying with different bases but the same exponent, multiply the bases keeping the same exponent.
  • Rule 3 - When raising a power to a power, keep same base and multiply the exponents.
  • Rule 4 - When dividing exponential form with same base, subtract the exponents.

7th Grade Curriculum

7th grade students started this unit (ER - Exponential Rules) by focusing on scientific notation and exponential patterns such as doubling (x2) and tripling (x3) etc. Using tables, graphs, and equations, students will explore patterns with different starting values and different growth factors while making comparisons to linear relationships. Skills on the INV 1 Quiz include...

  • Expanding scientific notation to standard form
  • Re-writing very large or very small numbers using scientific notation
  • Knowing that exponential form consists of a base number and an exponent
  • Knowing the expanded form consists of a string of factors (a x a x a x a x a)
  • Distinguish between linear tables (repeated addition) and exponential tables (repeated multiplication)
  • Identifying growth factors when given an exponential table
  • Distinguish between linear graphs (straight line) and exponential graphs (exponential curve)
  • Write exponential equations as y = a (b^x)

M-Step Testing

Parents and Students -

M-Step testing will begin when we return from Spring Break!

This means that there will still be two units of instruction after the M-step has taken place. The math teachers put a lot of thought into organizing our curriculum so that we are hitting the most important standards before the M-Step Test occurs while maintaining an appropriate flow and progression of skills. I am including some video links below to address standards that show up after the M-Step. This way students will have some exposure to the concepts we'll be covering more in depth as we conclude the school year. Please share the following video links with your child.

☆ Parallel Lines Cut By Transversals | Exploring Angle Relationships
Parallel Lines Song: Sweet Child O (Parallel) Lines
Geometric Transformations Song

Math song about transformations by Colin Dodd

Transformation Style - Song

Song about transformations - Parody of Gangnam Style

4 Types of Transformations

Another Song about Transformations - includes Dilations

✪ How Do I Translate a Figure? | 8th Grade Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Translate a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Reflect a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Rotate a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Dilate a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations