Stephen King

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5 Intersting facts

1. Sold his first professional short story in 1967
2. He is a hardcore Red Sox fan
3. He wrote a musical with John Mellencamp - called The Ghost brothers of Darkland County.
4. He plays rythm guitar for a band made up completely of writers
5. He and his wife own "The Zone Corporation" and it heads their three radio stations in Main

Bibliography of my chosen Stephen King works

1. Carrie April, 1974
2. Thinner November, 1984
3. Firestarter November, 1980
4. Misery June, 1987
5. Delores Claiborne Novenmber. 1992

Information about 5 selected books

1. Carrie by Stephen King - Story of a misfit High School girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers. Target Audience: Late teens, adults. Book Format: English, print Genre: horror

2. Thinner, Stephen King; written as Richard Bachman. A man is cursed by a gypsy, causing scales to grow on his skin and no matter how much he eats he continues to grow thinner. Target Audience: Teens and adults. Book format: English; print. Genre: horror

3. Firestarter, Stephen King. Father daughter team are on the run from a Government agency, daughter Charlie developed a frightening pyrokinetic ability. Target Audience: Teen and Adult. Book Format: Print (hardcover) Genre: Thriller, science fiction

4. Misery, Stephen King. Best selling author is kidnapped by his biggest fan for killing off her favorite character and ending the book series. She tortures him into writing another book in the series. Target audience: Adult Book Format: Print (hardcover) novel Genre: Psychological Horror

5. Delores Claiborne, Stephen King. Delores Claiborne is interrogated by the police for the death of her wealthy employer. She does confess to orchestrating the death of her husband of 30 years after learning he molested her 14 year old daughter. Target audience: Adult Book Format: Print (hardcover) Genre: Psychological Thriller

Rolling Stone Interveiw with Stephen King

1. King has sold an estimated 350 million books
2. He has his office on a dead end road in Bangor Maine, he doesn't want people to be able to find them, he can attract some "weird" people. He only goes into the office about once a month.
3. He is not competitive with other authors for the most part, the only other author he ever cared about was Tom Clancy. They were at a fund raiser together once and he was treated as the "second banana" and he didn't like that.