Wade King Elementary

MAY 2020

A Note from the Principal

Dear Wade King Families,

It has been seven weeks since we’ve been together in our school building. Our district priorities continue to be:

  • Protect life, promote safety and minimize the spread of the virus.
  • Provide food to young people in our community.
  • Work with community partners in supporting child care options for our first responders, medical employees, and families in greatest need.
  • Develop innovative ways to support ongoing student learning.

Our classroom teachers and specialists have been posting learning menus, video posts, and even some activities on Seesaw to support your child’s learning during this time. We recognize how challenging it is to support learning at home and know that you will engage with what you can. If we aren’t hearing from you on Seesaw or by email, we will reach out periodically to check-in. We are here to partner with you so if there is something we could be doing to support your family and/or your child, be sure to let us know.

Last Friday, Dr. Baker engaged our community in a Virtual Conversation. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, I encourage you to. He answered many questions about things you’re likely wondering about. You can move right to the topics you are interested in by moving to different circles on the slide bar under the video.

Like always, please connect with me if you have questions or if there is something you need.

With Gratitude,

Stephanie Johnson, Principal

Important Dates in May

As of Today...

  • Friday, May 1st - May 15th - Virtual Children's Art Walk (more info below)
  • Sunday, May 3rd - Last day to share a photo for Staff Appreciation (more info below)
  • Friday, May 8th - Last day to turn in Talent Show Videos (more info below)
  • Friday, May 8th - Last day to turn in Parent Input for Class Placement (more info below)
  • Thursday, May 14th - Parent Coffee and Conversation at 4pm via Zoom
  • Thursday, May 28th - Parent Coffee and Conversation at 4pm via Zoom
  • Thursday, June 11th - Parent Coffee and Conversation at 4pm via Zoom

Contact Information During the School Closure

If you have a question or need support, we are here to help! Connect with Stephanie, Greg, or Jaymie and we'll help or direct you to someone who can.

Stephanie Johnson (Principal) - Stephanie.Johnson@bellinghamschools.org

(360) 201-7801

Greg Holmgren (Assistant Principal) - Gregory.Holmgren@bellinghamschools.org

(360) 961-8539

Jaymie Wakefield (Counselor) - Jaymie.Wakefield@bellinghamschools.org

(360) 746-5319

We also check the office phone for messages daily.

(360) 647-6840

Free Food Boxes and School Supplies on Mondays - Spread the Word!

A district priority during school closures is to provide food for students 18 and younger. Wade King is one of several locations across Bellingham where you can drive up to pick up a box of food between 11 am-12:30 pm every Monday. If you are in need of school supplies, you can ask us for that too! Don't hesitate to take advantage of this if it would be a support for your family.

Home Learning Through Seesaw

If you or your child are having difficulty accessing your Seesaw account, please let your child's classroom teacher know or email Hana Anderson, our Ed Tech Coach. They are both very willing to support you!

Our teachers LOVE seeing the work students are posting. If you aren't able to post work, it is likely you are in the FAMILY log in, rather than in the STUDENT log in (CLASS app). Hana Anderson created the video below to help families understand the difference between the two logins and connect to the STUDENT log in (CLASS app), if they haven't already. The first half of the video is how to navigate this using a mobile device and the second half is using a computer internet browser. Check it out!

A Message from School Counselor, Ms. Wakefield

I am noticing there are days when I think, “Wow, we’ve been navigating school closure and home learning for seven weeks already?” And then there are days when the thought is, “We’ve only been at this for seven weeks?” With all monumental events, time has new meaning. And for wherever you land on the time spectrum, I hope this message finds you in relatively good mental health.

One of the very best parts of my role at Wade King is connecting with students. I miss them and our time together at school. The close second favorite part of my role is connecting with families; parents, guardians and caregivers. I truly enjoy our conversations. In talking to families recently, I’ve gleaned some themes, such as negotiating a schedule and sibling disagreements. I hope to offer some insights and helpful tips as we learn from one another and navigate this new way of schooling together.

Check out the attachment below for insights and helpful tips! I would also love to provide support or be a thought partner if you'd like. You can reach me on my new cell phone at (360)746-5319... call or text... You can also email me at Jaymie.Wakefield@bellinghamschools.org.

A Message from our PTA - Staff Appreciation

Let’s show our dedicated staff how our kids are doing their school work from home. The next time your kiddo is sitting down to work on their virtual lessons, take a picture and email it to us with a brief, 2-3 sentence caption. We’ll be making a collage of students hard at work, appreciating these virtual learning and support efforts. We will send this collection to school staff next week and share it with our community during future celebrations when we gather together again in months to come.

Share a favorite photo of schoolwork from home by Sunday, May 3rd.

Email your photo to Denise Fulton at... olydfultons@hotmail.com

Registration for NEW Students - Welcome NEW Kindergarten and 1st -5th Grade Students

The Bellingham School District is launching a new registration system for our families. Look for information about on-line registration on our District website in the next few days. This will eliminate most of the paper registration packet and make the enrollment process electronic. If you have already completed the hard-copy registration packet, you do NOT need to do this again in an electronic format. You can drop off your completed registration packet at the school between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm on Mondays during our meal distribution time. You can also scan and email those documents to Debbie Murphy, our Attendance Secretary OR you can mail them to our District Office addressed as follows:

Bellingham School District

ATTN: Wade King Elementary School

1306 Dupont St

Bellingham, WA 98225

The BIG 4 for WELLNESS: Wellness Wednesday Tips

Big 4 for Wellness are self-care ideas. Try one or all of the activities, and remember, if you have a hard time getting started, lower your expectations and take baby steps. You can learn more by going to bellinghamschools.org/mental-health for the Self-Care (Big 4 for Wellness) dropdown menu. Follow Bellingham Public Schools on Facebook for new ideas every Wellness Wednesday through June 17th.

Parent Input for Class Placement - DUE May 8th

Parent input regarding the learning environment that will best support their child will be considered as our staff makes placements for next year. It is important to know that when our staff makes class placements, we make intentional decisions to ensure the best possible placement for each student, while at the same time creating classrooms that are balanced academically and support the social-emotional needs of all our students. Our staff is committed to using all that we know about your child to make the best possible placement for him/her. We are unable to honor specific requests for an individual teacher but will consider the information you share about the learning needs of your child. If you have input you want to share, please fill out the form below by Friday, May 8th.

Virtual Talent Show - DUE May 8th

Our Annual Talent Show is going virtual this year! We are hoping more students will be risk-takers and share their talent by sending in a video. Acts could include dances, gymnastics routines, playing an instrument, magic tricks, acting and skits, singing groups, joke-telling, poetry, martial arts routines, sports tricks, hula hooping, and more. Being able to videotape your talent opens it up to many talents that would be hard to share on a stage. Who are our rock climbers, ice skaters, etc?

Video clips need to be emailed to Ms. Adita (who is a WK parent, staff member, and PTA Vice-President) or texted to Mrs. Johnson (360-201-7801) by Friday, May 8th. There are a few guidelines for planning your act...

  • Video clips need to be 60 seconds or less.
  • Students who wish to sing songs must do so acapella or have accompaniment (pre-recorded, karaoke or live instrument). No lip-synching.
  • If an act includes music, parents should support students in choosing music with content that is appropriate for all ages.

Virtual Children's Art Walk

Each May, artwork from students in Bellingham is displayed in businesses downtown for our community to enjoy. We are unable to do that this year, but everyone is encouraged to share their art in these ways between May 1st -May 15th. Will your family participate?

Post images or videos of creations on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ChildrensArtWalk. Please also include your name, artwork title, grade, school and a sentence or two about your work!

Share your artwork with your neighbors! You could do this by creating chalk art designs and pictures on sidewalks or by displaying your creations in your front windows. You could even create yard sculptures!

Post pictures on Facebook or Instagram with #ChildrensArtWalk

Parent 'Coffee and Conversation'

Stephanie Johnson, Principal, Greg Holmgren, our Assistant Principal, and Jaymie Wakefield, our Counselor, invite you to join us for a virtual ‘Coffee & Conversation’ on Zoom. This is a time for you to connect with other parents, We will also encourage you to share what is working for you at home and you’ll be able to get support from others to help you with struggles you are having. We will also answer any questions you have. We are stronger together!

Thursday, May 14th at 4pm

Thursday, May 28th at 4pm

Thursday, June 11th at 4pm

Join us using this Zoom link!

Safe Schools Reporting and Tip LIne

Students, parents or community members who have information, tips, or concerns regarding a safety issue in our schools are encouraged to text or call 844-310-9560 or visit bellinghamschools.org/safe for confidential, anonymous, two-way communication with our safety staff.

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