Twelfth Night vs. She's the Man

Learn the truth about Twelfth Night and She's the Man

Learn about how the two movies are the same and different

Here are some of the Differences

In "She's the Man" there is honestly no violence except for the two fights. The first one with the Viola, Olivia, and Monique. The second between Illyria and Cornwall. In the "Twelfth Night" there is more fights and gun usage throughout the film. The sexual innuendo in "She's The Man" is throughout the movie as in the tampons up the nose. In the "Twelfth Night there are literally no signs of sexual innuendos in the movie at all. In the "Twelfth Night" Viola and Sebastian are separated when their parents died and in "She's the Man" they aren't separated. Sebastian is just in London with his band.

I guarantee that i will prove that there is a difference between the two films

This is the similarities

Viola is still disguised as a man in both movies. Olivia still falls for Viola a.k.a. Sebastian. There is always a big fight near the end of both movies.