the blonde squad

By Jade, Caitlyn and Lindsay

New York Redbulls Successful 2015 Season Start

The Red Bulls are coming into the 2015 season without their star players Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill. The have made many questionable trades and haven't been willing to spend money on valuable players outraging their fans. They don't have their beloved coach Mike Petke (he was fired out of the blue). And with the arrival of NYCFC many fans are switching their loyalty. However the team has pulled together to make the best start of the season so far since 2007.

To start off the season the Redbulls get some bad news. “The New York Red Bulls announced on Wednesday that Mike Petke will not return as the club's head coach in 2015.” says This is outraging the fans. “The New York Red Bulls announced on Wednesday that Jesse Marsch has been named the club’s new head coach ahead of the 2015 season effective immediately” states They fired their supporter shield winning coach who got them to the semifinals last year making one of the best Redbull seasons in history. He who coached the player who scored the most goals in MLS history last season. Petke produced such a great two seasons for this club and he was fired for a reason that was never released to the public. On their home opening game there were banners that said “In Petke we trust” and “Legends deserve better” as well as having the fans (specifically the supporters section) boo Marsch when he was announced as the Redbulls head coach. The fans loudly chanted “Petke” in the beginning minutes of the game. But now seven games into the season without a loss the fans are having a change of heart.

One of the great new arrivals the Redbulls got to their team was Sasha Kljestan. According to, “The New York Red Bulls have agreed to terms with Belgian side Anderlecht for the transfer of U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder Sacha Kljestan. New York completed the move by using the top spot in the MLS allocation order, which the club acquired via trade with Montreal on Tuesday.” This was a brilliant addition to the team. He helps them gain control in the midfield and has an amazing touch on the ball. With Sasha available to take their free kicks the loss of Henry is softened. Also without the stars you would figure that the crowds would decrease, but with Kljestan coming to the team it could help increase turnouts which is very necessary to keep MLS alive. According to “The New York Red Bulls rank third by internet popularity, but they enjoy only half the degree of attention as the Sounders” This shows the popularty that the redbulls have, however that MLS is struggling to get fans to games. Sasha could help bring in the fans the Redbulls need to support their club.

Though the Redbulls may not be winning every game they sure are doing well. They are the only MLS team that is undefeated. They are as of Thursday April 29th they are 3-0-4, Three wins, no losses, and four ties. says, “With the win the Red Bulls move to 3-0-2 and remain the only undefeated team in Major League Soccer. The 11 points accrued is the second-best start in team history through five games, behind only the 4-1-0 start in 2010. It also ties the longest unbeaten run the club has had to start a season, tying another 3-0-2 mark in 2007.” This shows how the clubs beginning of the season is so amazing for them.

Also the future of the team is looking bright. There are a lot of young players that are full of potential and a lot of talk about new trades for future seasons. “The rumor mill is not slow to act: Tutto Mercato Web reports the New York Red Bulls are in the hunt for Schweinsteiger.” says This shows a lot of promise because it might be more than just a rumor. With an addition like this it would totally transform the team. Also the young players like Abang and Miazga, as well as many others, have youth on their side so they will be available for a long time.

This team is going far in the MLS. They might go as far as winning the supporters shield and even the MLS cup. The are stocked with a lot of talent. They also have a lot of good people on their bench not including their starters. With rumors of trades and the abundance of youth next year may even top this year and be successful for many more.

EMS Track Team Teammates

Eisenhower Middle School’s Track Team in Roxbury, New Jersey is full of hard- working, dedicated members. Everyday Eisenhower’s track members are giving 100% to reach their running goals for the season’s meets. Many of the track members are even trying to beat their personal record. Last year’s 2014 season, the track team did very well with very good runners for a first year team. A very good amount of participants joined this year for numerous reasons.

This year, Caitlyn Valente, an 8th grade track member has said “I joined track because it helps me stay in shape.” Many runners join track to get in shape, because of all the activity. Other people, like Tina Rein said “I joined track because it helps me with other sports, like soccer.” Running is involved with almost any other sport so this is an excellent reason to join track.

Another part of track is all the different events. There is the 800, 400, 100, relay, long jump, shot put, hurdles, and many others. “The relay is my favorite part of track because I can hang out with buddies,” Jade Manche says “and go head to head”. The relay is a popular favorite because you can run on a team and only for a short distance at a time. The relay is fun to practice with friends and work on perfecting times. Distance can have a great impact on for a favorite event, like Caitlyn Valente had said “I like the 400 because I do not like running short sprints, I excel at running longer ones.”

The EMS track team is a very different sport that a lot of people in school like. It has so many options you can do, and you do not have to do the ones you do not like. Most of the interviewee's responses were similar. Most of them had the general concept of they like track because they like to run, or it keeps them in shape. But some responses were different. They all answered what their track goals are differently, and why they joined track. With the coaches, and team members, track is a contrasting sport. They go to all different meets and physically and mentally prepare for all. There are countless reasons why people do track. People on the track team prepare by running on their own time at a gym, or around a neighborhood. They all really enjoy it and will continue it in the future.