Teaching Gifted Students

Gifted Students LOVE school....right?

Helping Your Gifted Students Succeed

For our gifted students, an assumption is sometimes made that these individuals are keen, passionate learners who always love attending school. The truth is, while they may be keen and passionate to start, if they aren't challenged or given the proper attention, over time these students may become bored, disruptive and become at risk for dropping out of school.

Promote Curiosity. Students who are gifted need expectations that are modified to meet their needs and interests. Begin by assessing what the student already knows about the topic, then plan a program where they will use inquiry based learning to gain new knowledge and understanding.

Be a Mentor. Gifted students can't be given a modified activity and then left to their own devices. Just like their peers, students who are gifted must be taught the organizational skills needed to work independently. Teachers help their gifted students set goals and then act as a guide as the student works through the process, ensuring the student is working towards a clear objective. (IEP Guide, p.20)

Create a Sense of Belonging. If possible, group your gifted student with peers who have similar abilities. It's important for them to have meaningful conversations with students who understand and appreciated their thinking and enhance discussions. Having gifted students grouped together also helps them feel normal, provides positive interactions, develops an emotional sense of well being and gives the student the drive to reach their potential. (IEP Guide, p.21)

Make if Fun! Allow your gifted student to approach topics in new and interesting ways. Not only will this help to maintain their engagement but it also gives them the opportunity to shine in ways they may not have known possible. An exciting website your student might use is Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/. The program allows students to work creatively as they make interactive stories, games and animations to share with an online community.

Source: IEP, A Resource Guide. Developing Individual Education Plans for Gifted Students: Information for Parents/Guardians, Ontario, 2006

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