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When a career in retail is not what your learner wants...

I often talk to school professionals regarding the topic of post high schools careers for students with disabilities. Often times, the skills that are being introduced are helping in a fastfood restaurant, stuffing envelopes, serving coffee, or filing various forms in the main office. Those skills, while appropriate for some, are not meeting the needs of all potential graduates.

  • What is society doing to match student strengths with careers in growing demand?
  • How can Tech help?

Top Careers in 5 Years

  • Online retailing – 32%
  • Translation services – 28%
  • Physical/occupational/speech therapy – 25%
  • Home health care – 24%
  • Retirement centers – 24%
  • Telemarketing bureaus, other customer contact centers – 20%
  • Marketing consulting – 20%

According to

Is your program supporting these fields?

If not, why?

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