Mark Twain


Author Information

  • Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835, in Florida, Missouri.
  • He wrote two major classics of American Literature: The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
  • Twain work was more than written text, it was tangible artifiacts of both American Literary and cultural history.

Those Annual Bills - Poem By Mark Twain

These annual bills! these annual bills!--- Gives of an illusion of how adults are child like in
How many a song their discord trills---- their own way.
Of 'truck' consumed, enjoyed, forgot,

Since I was skinned by last year's lot!---- Mark Twain makes it seem as if those who this poem pertains to are regretting the loss of there childhoods and the oncoming responsibilities that they took on as they became adults.

Those joyous beans are passed away; ------Is trying to say as you grow older the child in
Those onions blithe, O where are they?-----you goes away.
Once loved, lost, mourned-now vexing ILLS
Your shades troop back in annual bills!

And so 'twill be when I'm aground
These yearly duns will still go round,
While other bards, with frantic quills,
Shall damn and damn these annual bills!


Mark Twain throughout the poem, Those Annual Bills shows how responsibilities pile up as life moves on past, present, and future but he wants to have fun and be "as free spirited and care free" as a kid does not die as time passes. Using humorous and ethos Mark Twain puts in sarcastic on what he is saying which is allowing the reader to enjoy the poem but it also reaches the poems meaning with a greater understanding.


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