The Chinese Way Of Parenting

The Successful Way Of Parenting

Pros Of Chinese Parenting

The Chinese way of parenting is successful academically,And Is worth all the hard work in the long run.Most tiger moms also make their son/daughters practice an instrument,mostly violin or piano.Amy Chuas daughter,Lulu,Is Now In Harvard "Now a rising sophomore at Harvard, she is thriving." This proves that Amy Chuas way of parenting is successful since she is now in Harvard.Harvard has the lowest acceptance rate which is %5.9 and Chua's daughter lulu got in.

Cons Of Chinese Parenting

Con #1:Kids could get stressed from doing lot of hard work.

Con #2:Stress could cause many illnesses to the child which obviously affects their health

Con #3:The kids can't go to plays,playdates,or anything entertaining

Con#4:Tiger Moms only accept A's and don't accept anything lower than that.

Western Parenting

Western parents,they pretty much don't care about their kid's grades and position every command as a question in paragraph 4 it shows an example saying "Will you please put your clothes away",thats a command positioned as a question.This proves that Western parents have gone soft.In paragraph 3 sentence 3 it reads "We coddle and cajole our children as we nudge them passive aggresively to do their chores and homework."This is basically someone admitting that western parenting has gone too soft.

Tiger Cub's Future

Most Tiger Cubs Succeed Into Getting Into A Great College,Lulu,Chuas Daughter got imto harvard and it is hard to get into harvard since the acceptance rate is extremely low.Most tiger cubs end up being better then western children when they are both adults.Western parenting is full of cons and nothing good except the western parents having sympathy.

The Superior Mother

The surperior mother is obviously the tiger mom,though it is a hard path for children it is the most effective for teaching children.Sure western parenting includes lots of sympathy but not much education.Most western parents think that the way of treating their children is harsh,but have nothing to say to the way they teach their children since they know that their children's grades are extermely low. This is evidence that chinese mothers are surperior
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Proof That Lulu Is In Harvard

Thesis Statement

The Chinese way of parenting is successful academically,because tiger moms are strict but always make their children finish their work,and have them play an instrument.