Knife Safety Around the Kitchen

Mandy Whipple and Patrick Knudsen

Things to Avoid when Using Kitchen Knifes

Things to avoid with knives in the kitchen is that you don't want to put them in the wrong drawer or you might cut yourself while trying to get something. Don't cut things in your hand or on a wooden table. Don't try to catch a falling knife or you will end up cutting yourself.

What to do with Kitchen Knifes

Make sure that the knives that you use are always sharp and to always make sure that when your done with a kitchen knife, you should put them in the right place where they belong like a knife holder. Don't soak the kitchen knives in sink, dishpan, or water.

First aid when things go wrong.

If you ever cut yourself with a kitchen knife, don't freak out and just stay calm. If the cut is minor then clean the cut with soap and water and then dry. make sure to put a bandage on the minor cut. If the cut is severe, then stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the wound with a thick cloth and call for medical help.