Save The Forests!


Trees Are Getting Cut Down Fast

Lots of trees are getting cut down in a day just imagine how much are getting cut down in a year. 3-6 billion trees are getting cut down each year, we are cutting them do faster than we can grow. 8207934.33653-16415868.6731 trees are getting cut down in a day. Also lots of people don't care about it, even if they know they need trees. Trees can take 10-30 years to grow, but it dependents on what tree it is.

What Are The Effects?

You may be asking what are the effects, well lets start with one of the most important effect, which would be oxygen, trees are the ones who give us one of the most important thing in the world oxygen. You might already know it but you probably don't care, because your to busy doing other stuff. Don't just think about the money, that isn't all you need in life, you might think it is, but it's not that's probably the fist thing that would come to mind. You should start thinking about the other things like the animals, they could lose their homes. Many animals that are now extincted are mostly because, they can't find a place to live.
Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Other Effects

Some other effects that would probably not come to mind is climate change. Once we take out a part of the earth, like trees, they could have changes to the plant, like climate change. Cutting down trees could also mean, the end of fruits & vegetables, which is bad because, then we wouldn't get enough nutrients to keep are body healthy, & strong. Trees even clean polluted water, which can help with making clean water. Since tree roots hold onto the soil, without them the soil is free to wash or blow away, which could lead to a soil erosion.

How Can You Help?

One of the easiest thing you can do to help out is, spread awareness just by telling someone you can influence them to help out. Another way to help is to do it your self, by recycling, or using less paper you can help out, there are many ways to prevent deforestation. You could even plant a tree just to help out, you could even try buying recycled products. When its winter try using coal instead of wood for your fireplace.

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